TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Grist: It Can Be Done by Tom Philpott
"Imagine a place where residents pull together to create a thriving store and restaurant serving fresh, local food. Imagine a place where the money appears, the dreams become real, the produce and pastured meat taste like home."

Inhabitat: Stuart Haygarth's Recycled Lighting Design by Ariana
"Stuart Haygarth's talent lies in re-imagining waste into striking lighting design. As a London based designer, his work falls into an increasingly present design movement that is part salvage, part make-do-and-mend, and 100% stunning."Planet On A Plate: Carnival of the Green #98 by Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen
"Welcome to the 98th Carnival of the Green! I'm pleased to host the carnival here on Planet on a Plate. I've hosted the carnival previously on my other blog, Jen's Green Journal. There's a lot of things we can do to live a greener life. This week's posts illustrate a pretty clear to do list for us greenies."

R3 Project: WASTE, Our Recycled Pouf by Petz Scholtus
"We already wrote about options for eco-friendly chairs but one of our seats is special. He's very comfy, good-looking, from Barcelona, recycled and ethically produced. His name is WASTE; he's made from waste deriving from the car textile industry. He's a beanbag (or pouf)."

Veja-Is Another World Possible?: Ad ban in São Paulo by Veja
"A few months ago, the fourth largest metropolis São Paulo put into effect a radical ban on outdoor advertising called "Lei Limpia Cidade" or "Clean City Law". The Clean City Law aims at combating pollutions of water, air, sound and the visual."

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