TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Blue Egg: Fun with Greenhouse Gases by John Hockenberry
A fun, funny and moreover educational video blog by resident Egg-Head and veteran journalist John Hockenberry at Blue Egg. Watch as he tries to stump the smarties at MIT by asking them if they can name all the greenhouse gases.

DH Love Life: Love Life Farm by Daryl Hannah
Yeah! Daryl's back from her summer break, although we've seen her in between, we're glad she's putting up new episodes of her video blog again; they always bring a ray of sunshine into our lives. This week you can visit Daryl at home on the Love Life Farm and see who lives there and what grows in the garden.Karavans: Carnival of the Green #96 by Peter Ireland
"Beth Terry writes, 'Some of my best friends are plastic bags! Many people consider plastic bags to be evil and have discarded them in favor of reusable totes. Which is fine. But this article is about saving old plastic grocery bags and reusing them in place of things for which we'd otherwise have to buy new plastic. It emphasizes Re-use before Re-cycling.'"

SRO Blog: Ekovaruhuset Show, Spring 2008 by Summer Rayne Oakes
"Courtney looking vixenish; Emily showing off a delicate grey jumper; Nana from Mali strutting her long, lean bod in a crocheted organic cotton top; Sammy Jo walking the runway in a body-hugging pink organic cotton dress; my finale piece in Joanna's hemp-organic cotton embroidered wedding dress."

The Green Skeptic: Innovation: Hacking Philanthropy Sessions, Hosted by Union Square Ventures by Scott Edward Anderson. "Imagine a room packed with a ton of brain power, knowledge, and expertise from the world of venture capital, technology, social change, and philanthropy and you've some idea what I walked into yesterday up at Columbia's Casa Italiana."