TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Camphor's: Carnival of the Green # 94 by Camphor
"It is almost refreshing to see due consideration for the cost of the alternative to the environment as Vihar Seth point out the downside of Powering a Paperless World, and applaud a green digital company."

Celsias: JetPack Rating System™: The Volkswagen Chameleon by Doug Snodgrass
"To recap, the JetPack Rating System™ is used to not only begin the healing process, but also for rating automobiles and buildings by a duel criteria: 1. How environmentally-friendly are they? 2. What would James Bond think of them?"
Good Clean Tech:
When Recycling Is Not, In Fact, Green by Katherine Montgomery
"MIT labs have been working on a device that will save you from ever having to wash dishes. It's a machine called the DishMaker, and it fabricates the dishes you need, every time you need them, saving time (and presumably water?)"

People Tree: Safia and the People Tree team jump for joy
by Safia Minney
"It has been three years in the making and People Tree has finally got the finance it so desperately needed to scale-up it’s support to organic cotton farmers and artisans in the developing world. We have finalised a £300,000 loan from Oikocredit. The funds will be used primarily to make advance payments to People Tree’s producer groups around the world."

The Tao of Change: We Ain’t As Smart As We Think - Killer Popcorn by Tao Oliveto
"Yeah, I ate microwaved popcorn occasionally during college, but the odd taste (and the stomach ache that followed) kept me from making it a habit. Well, that odd taste turns out to be the butter flavoring made from diacetyl, already linked to cases of severe lung damage in popcorn factory workers. Huh?"