TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecorazzi: Bill Clinton, Oprah and Kiva - Changing The World One Loan At A Time by Paige Davis. " is no stranger when it comes to receiving celebrity support. The innovative microlending model has changed the way of giving by allowing individuals to loan to entrepreneurs in developing countries . From Adrien Grenier hosting Kiva awareness parties to now Bill Clinton featuring the nonprofit in his book, the Kiva dream is about to be realized exponentially."

Green Options: Five Simple Steps for Going Green in College by Kelli Best-Oliver
"The college years are an exciting transitional time for young people. Many are off on their own for the first time, and they’re faced with responsibility for their own actions and their own well-being. For some teens, college is the first time they experience autonomy, and the variety of choices they’re faced with can be overwhelming, and the pressure of making green choices might just be too much to handle."Organic Authority: Carnival Of The Green 93 by Laura Klein
"Celebrate Organic Harvest Month this September with The 93rd Carnival of Green! If you live in LA and want to schmooze and mingle with like minded eco-entrepreneurs, come support Laura Klein as she gives her Get Healthy, with Green Living, presentation to LA’s Yes! Group. We would love to see you in person!"

Next Billion: The 100,000 Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability by Ana Escalante
"The world today needs inventors to create sustainable social change while protecting and restoring the environment. There's an amazing opportunity to innovate and create something new: a product or a process that will improve the quality of life for the generations to come in a sustainable way."

WorldChanging: The Tragedy of the Commons...and of the Bunnies
by Eleanor Lang
"If you've ever taken a class in economics, the environment or philosophy, you've probably heard the term "the tragedy of the commons." In its simplest form, this describes what happens when too many people graze their cattle on the same piece of public land, or too many people fish in the same place, or even when too many people try to park on the same public street: a limited common resource is quickly depleted."