TH Blog Love - Our Favourite Greens Of The Week.


Bean Sprouts: Carnival of the Green #84 by Melanie Rimmer
"Bean Sprouts is excited to be hosting its first Carnival of the Green. Let's kick off with Don, who writes in Evangelical Ecologist about a Bible vacation summer school with an environmental theme. Sounds like a good idea to me, but I sympathise with Don's observation that he learned more about both God and the environment from going camping with his parents than from Bible vacation camp."

Get Tough or Die Farms
by Tanja Andrews and Oscar Grimm
"We spent the weekend at the Get Tough or Die Farm. AKA: Tanja's mother's house. When neighborhood cats and children aren't disappearing in the "Tomato Triangle," they're dodging the assault of the trained attack rabbits, and let's not even mention the sunflowers. It was a most relaxing weekend, filled with fantastical danger, intrigue, permaculture, Melissa's artwork, and the most gorgeous home-grown produce we've enjoyed in recent memory."Llew-Tube: Robert Llewellyn's buy-nothing year
This entertaining series of video blogs on You Tube by actor Robert Llewellyn, of Red Dwarf and Junkyard Wars, touches on many aspects of green, but mostly concentrates on his attempt to buy nothing for one year. Llewellyn says, "It could be an immature reaction to a consumer society, or an attempt at sanity in a mad world. I call it making do."

Natural Collection: Win a £50 voucher
"Each month the most useful comment (should there be one) on this blog wins a £50 Natural Collection voucher. So get commenting folks." Natural Collection are being exceptionally generous this week - on their main site you can also win a £500 voucher to spend with Responsible Travel if you sign up to their email alerts.

SusHI: Sustainability depends on where you are by Kenneth Stokes
"Still gambling that hot property on Kauai's shoreline will double or triple in the years ahead? Dream on. Oh, haven't you heard? The shoreline is being relocated inland. You're gonna be an undersea exhibit."