TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week

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We TreeHuggers aren’t afraid to express our feelings you know. When we appreciate something we are going to show it love! Something we really appreciate is our fellow Green Blogs. It’s not always easy to follow the green path, it takes some serious dedication, and we are glad that we’re not on our own out there in blogland. We know there are plenty of people working hard to bang the eco-drum and we know that many voices are stronger that one voice. So we're showing we care by choosing five of our favourite green posts each week.

Eco.PSFK: M&S; Launch Eco Line by Guy Brighton.
UK national retail treasure promote their environmental policies and new range of fairtrade cotton.

Grist: Madame Butterfly - Julia Butterfly Hill, activist and onetime tree-sitter, answers readers' questions.

Inhabitat: Better Wall - Recycling Art Posters by Sarah Rich.
Another way of recycling PVC banners which doesn’t involve bags, what a relief!

WorldChanging: The Chinese Environmental Movement by Alex Steffen

Urban Eco: Carnival of the Green no.12.
Yes we are bloghugging this week's chosen bloghuggers!