TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco Street: The 7 Most Endangered Wonders of the World by Tracy Stokes.
Eco Street received a press release from Newsweek International this weekend about a feature that they are doing on how tourism, climate change and development are all threatening the world’s most treasured sites.

Green LA Girl: Global Green USA’s Climate Summit by Siel
Siel is still coming down hard and wittily on Starbuck’s fair trade CAFE practices. Check out her account of her recent run in with them at the Global Green USA’s Climate Summit.

Green Thinkers: Carnival of the Green #21 by Scott Smith
Greenthinkers is proud to be hosting the Carnival of the Green this week! There is a lot to cover this week from coffee to bamboo to angry golfers with guns to eco-snobs on South Park, so let’s get to it.

Suburban Treehugger: Earth Day Links For Kids by Kate West
Kate has been putting together a current list of links to sites of interest to kids for Earth Day. Some also include lesson plans for homeschooling parents. Enjoy!

Unplugged Living: Pak-Lite Flashlights by Kevin Humphrey
The design is beautifully simple: A small plastic cap that contains two bright LED bulbs snaps onto a 9-volt battery. LED’s being the low-energy users that they are mean that one 9-volt battery can power one of these flashlights for up to three years.