TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Greener Magazine: Carnival of The Green no.20
This week's show is lush and fun and full of sun so put down your garden tools, grab grandma and the kids, it's Carnival! First up from Sameer at Transmorgified a little ditty 'bout bicycles, gasoline, food and, oh well you better read it for yourself.

Grist: Movement Shakers -Two eco-leaders debate the movement's past and future by Kathryn Schulz. When Eric Mann first encountered environmentalists, he saw them as a bunch of "arrogant, racist airheads." When Frances Beinecke first encountered environmentalists, she felt she'd found her cause.

Hip+Zen Pen: Ecotonoha - Being creative for the environment by Karen Clothier. People can come in and add a message as a leaf on a tree every day. For every 100 messages, NEC will plant a tree on Kangaroo Island, Australia. Last year 84,000 messages were added, translating to 845 Eucalyptus seedlings being planted.

Inhabitat: Rana Creek Living Wall Panels by Sarah Rich
Rana Creek caught everyone's attention at CA Boom this weekend with their giant metal wall panels (which they custom-designed for the show.) The vertical facades grow succulents and other plants through beautifully cut surfaces.

Triple Pundit: Great Ray Anderson Interview on BBC by Nick Aster
There are few business leaders as well known as Ray Anderson in terms of having an epiphany about sustainability. Andersons's company - Interface Carpet - is a leader in the quest to create a truly cradle to cradle company with a goal of having "Zero Impact" on the environment.