TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week

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Baloghblog: Carnival of the Green #19

This week the carnival makes its way over to Baloghblog where Steve waxes lyrical about permaculture, diaper bags, fluffy toys and "holier-than-thou" environmentalists.

Beyond Organic: Digging into "Beyond Organic" by Michael
"Beyond Organic" is a way of expressing that "organic" is just the starting point, a door that many of us are willing to step through for many differing reasons. Equally, it's about getting beyond preaching to the choir.

Eco-Chick: To Buy or Not to Buy?
by Ann
Summer Rayne Oakes and friends’ blog about sustainable consumerism. Ann helps us with our consumer quandaries by supplying ’The Thirteen Key Questions to Ask Before We Design, Specify, or Buy Anything.’

It’s The Environment Stupid: Can one be a consumer and an environmentalist? by Amy
Following on from Eco-Chick’s To Buy or Not to Buy, Amy is honest about not always buying the right eco-alternative products. "I’m about as eco-aware as they come, but I’m not nearly as eco-friendly a consumer as I should be. So at what point does this guilt turn into consumer behavior changes?"

The Veg Blog: Great Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes by Ryan
Some more foodie stuff for you to chew on. We really like Ryan MacMichael’s Veg Blog which is chocabloc full of info and stories and even a cute little lamb! He also has a great recipe page - check out the pumpkin bread - yum!