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Canvass Your MP: Help tackle Climate Change by 10 Green Bloggers
"This campaign to help tackle climate change is about encouraging MPs to support tougher cuts in CO2 emissions. You can get involved by speaking to your MP, finding out his or her stance and reporting back here on this website."

EarthFirst: Top 25 Hottest Guys in Green: 10 We Missed Last Time (featuring TH's Jacob Gordon!) by Stephanie Rogers
"When we made our Top 25 Hottest Guys in Green list, we had to make some hard choices, and skipped over some pretty hot green guys accidentally in the research process. Since then we've dug up all kinds of fine environmentalists, writers, green business owners, television stars and green media moguls."EcoWorldly: Chile Declares Permanent Ban on Whaling, Japan Pressured to Follow Suit by Levi Novey
"Starting things off with a bang, Chile declared a permanent ban on whaling on the opening day of the International Whaling Commission's annual meeting. The Pacific Ocean-bordering country is playing host to the conference, where tensions are running high."

How Ethical: Carnival of the Green # 133 by Ben
"Vancouver's City Council has approved an "EcoDensity" policy. Adam, from Market Urbanism, asks "How is EcoDensity different from regular density, which already comes pre-equipped with environmental benefits?" in a post called EcoDensity: Scary Name, but Not-so-Bad"

Lightbulbs to Leadership: Take Serious, Urgent Action on Global Warming! by Sierra Club
"People everywhere are taking steps to fight global warming. But it's not enough to change our lightbulbs — we need bold, serious, and fast action on global warming."

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