TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Frugal For Life: The Halfway Thrifty Award
"This award is harder to get than the Nobel Prize, it is handed out at whim and only on rare occasions. This award only goes to those people who have a great idea about being thrifty but then something holds them back from going all the way."

Maria Energia: The Green Options Interview: Denise Persson, Genesys Conferencing by Maria Surma Manka. Hitting two blogs in one go here is Maria's own personal green blog and a link to her latest interview on Green Options with Denise Persson. "Genesys Conferencing is global provider of web, audio, and video conferencing services. It does business in 25 countries, including with nearly half of the Fortune Global 500 companies."
No Impact Man:
A green hipster’s PDA by Colin Beavan
"I’m going to tell you about my new recycled index card-based personal organizer, but first let me give you the back-story about me and my relationship to my old electronic personal digital assistant (PDA)—may it rest in peace."

The Daily Green: Bulgur Bean Burgers
"Make Dad the ultimate green-friendly backyard BBQ meal with organic chicken and great fruit and vegetables you can pick up from your Farmers’ Market on Saturday. Take some time to create a Father’s Day Menu he won’t soon forget."

Victoria E: Carnival of the Green #81 by Victoria E
This weeks carnival includes compost piles, beef, weapons of mass harvesting, natural sunscreens, and a carnival of the blue!