TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


The Ecologist Online: Women and Climate Change by Polly Higgins
"Globally, women are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change due to our different social roles and status. In the UK and in other developed countries, increasing costs for energy, transport, healthcare and nutrition are likely to affect women, including single mothers, more than men. In developing countries, women are already suffering disproportionately more as a consequence of climate change."

Organic Authority: No Significant Changes in Food Advertising Geared Toward Children by Barbara Feiner. "Some important news for parents dedicated to organic living and healthful eating: Research at the University of Arkansas shows that a year after major food companies announced new advertising policies to combat childhood obesity, there have been no significant changes in TV food advertisements that children view." Sustainablog: Carnival of the Green #79 by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg
"Ladies and gentleman, step right up! Welcome to the greenest show on the web, the Carnival of the Green! sustainablog is proud to serve as the stopping point for the 79th installment of the COG." Thanks to Jeff for this last installment on Sustainablog, for now. Sustainablog has been a great feature of the green blogosphere and we wish him all the best in his work with Green Options.

The Greener Side: Sustainable sweets by Elsa.
"At Paris CDG airport a few years ago, I made my only splurge in France other than a big, fluffy white sweater: a stack of tins of Anis de Flavigny in every flavor. These old-school candies are fashioned in a sustainable way."

The Tao Of Change:
Men in Kilts - Utilikilts on a mission to freedom by Tao Oliveto. "Can a business be socially, environmentally and economically responsible and still be fun? Utilikilts says yes and then some. Yep, I’m talking men in kilts and not just the Scottish variety (no plaid flannel going on here) - think Mel Gibson crossed with Metallica."