TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco-Chick: What Would Google Say? by Starre Vartan
"I love creative projects, and this one is interesting. Entitled "What Would Google Say?" the site's creator put together the first 200 images that come up under a Google image search for global warming, and set it to music. This is like a digital version of found art, and is a really interesting concept for stepping back and understanding how we (literally) view a concept. Check it out!"

Enviropundit: Carnival of the Green #75 by Jacqui
"Hello all, and welcome back! This is the 75th Carnival? Wow, time flies! And Happy Belated Earth Day to you as well!"Groovy Green: Eco Fashion Q&A;: Swatches, Sewing, and Stitches by Victoria E
"A warm hello and good day to everyone reading! This week's unique question comes from Beth: 'I'd love to purchase organic fabric and yarn; I could make some spiffy organic clothes for a fraction of what is available at retail'...As requested by Beth, below are my favorite eco-friendly fabric and yarn companies, as well as a few online stores that make crafty shopping a snap."

Jetson Green: Modus Development by Preston Koerner
"Modus Development is an innovative development group that works with infill sites in good locations to enhance the value of the land by improving the quality of life for those that live on it. How do they do that? With modern, cutting-edge, green designs. Currently, Modus is working on a 9 townhouse project in Scottsdale, Arizona, called Array."

The Daily Green: Weird Weather Watch
"Calling all backyard environmentalists, cell phone climatologists, citizen photojournalists, weekend bird fanatics and others in The Daily Green community! The warmed climate is throwing us surprise after surprise, and Weird Weather Watch is your destination for the photos that capture the moment and your conscience."