TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecorazzi: Daryl Hannah: Where Do Your Eco-Jeans Come From? by Rebecca Carter
"The Global Business Summit for the Environment was held in Singapore last week, and our favorite celebrity video blogger was there. As the Day 2 Keynote Speaker, Daryl Hannah spoke about greenwashing and how we need to not just care about the materials that we use, but where they come from."

Evangelical Ecologist: Carnival of the Green #74 by Don Bosch
"Hope everybody had a terrific Earth Day (Creation Day for many). Not sure how things were in your neck of the woods planet, but spring is busting out all over New England. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer weekend. Always a pleasure to host the web’s greenest carnival on our completely solar-powered website."Freshtopia: Gratitude by Tanja Andrews and Oscar Grimm
"A little different episode than perhaps you’ve become accustomed to from We went to Oakland’s Lake Merritt to relax a bit, and reflect on the craziness of the last month-and-a-half. We have many people to thank for all of the support, kindness, prayers, and patience we’ve received lately. We hope this video can begin to communicate our gratitude. Thank you all."

Green Options: Chicago Greenfest Dispatch - Green Options Offsets Over 73,000 Pounds of CO2 by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg. "David did an awfully good job of keeping you guys posted while we met and greeted visitors to our booth at the Chicago Greenfest. While we all took time out to see speakers and meet with other green business people, a major part of our time over the weekend involved asking people to use the carbon calculator we had available to figure up the CO2 emissions they created by traveling to the event."

Inhabitat: Project Earth Day - EGB Eco Fashion Show
by Jill Fehrenbacher. "Anyone who has been reading Inhabitat for awhile knows that we love our eco-fashion here - almost as much as we love green building. Fashion and architecture don’t often get mentioned in the same breathe, but happily, this past week we were able to see the green architecture and the green fashion worlds come together to celebrate Earth Day in an eco-fashion show put on by the Emerging Green Builders (EGB) Chapter of NYC."