TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Danielle's Global Warming Bus Tour:
I'm Sleeping....Where? by Danielle Lurie
The film maker Danielle Lurie is accompanying Laurie David and Sheryl Crow on their bio-diesel tour bus across the States. "Tonight the ladies performed at Texas A & M to an almost-full house. It was a different feeling all around because it was their second show, and we all knew what to expect. Sheryl asked the crowd if anyone drove a Hybrid and one person (out of over 1,200) said yes."

Eco-Worrier: Pimp your ride: 10 ways by Anna Shepard
'If you can (as the TV motor show slogan suggests) "transform a rusty minger into a metal blinger" why not do the same with bikes? As well as extending the life of your wheels, jazzing them up can also deter bike thieves.'Grist: Population by David Roberts
"It's obviously relevant to the ecological health of the planet that there are so many human beings on it. In the long-term, we human beings need to vastly reduce both our per-capita and our aggregate environmental footprint."

People Tree: Meeting the International Development Committee
by Safia Minney. "The International Development Committee invited Monjurul (Monju) Haque from Artisan Hut, (a key partner of People Tree's from Bangladesh that make stunning handwoven clothing using organic cotton) and me, to give witness to the social impact that Fair Trade has made for 250 weavers and artisans in rural areas."

Philobiblon: Carnival of the Green No 72 by Natalie Bennett
"Let's start with some good news, since it so often seems thin on the ground. On Thrilling heroics is is report on the US Supreme Court ruling that greenhouse gases ARE pollutants - which should force some federal government action to match that taken unilaterally by a number of states."