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About My Planet: Recycling Construction Waste by Duane Laird
"Dumpsters were an anathema to my father. He could not, for the life of him, understand why people were throwing away perfectly good items— items he gladly scrounged and brought home with all the excitement of a boy rescuing a puppy from the pound. "Look at this," he'd say, a knowing smile on his face."

Freshtopia: Back in The Saddle by Oscar Grimm
We're very glad to report that Oscar is on the road to recovery and that the brain surgery hasn't affected his sense of humour: "So here I am, two weeks later, home and feeling actually quite splendid. I returned to Oakland this week minus one rather sizeable head gremlin, and plus a rather dashing row of fourteen stainless-steel skull staples. I'm recovering beautifully from the surgery, and look forward to beginning the next stage of this fight."Groovy Green: The Future of Eco-Fashion: Natalia Allen by Victoria E
"With the job title of "Design Futurist", it is hard to not be intrigued by New York's Natalia Allen. In 2005 (just a year after she graduated from Parsons School of Design), Natalia founded an influential (self-titled) consultancy company, where she specializes in the emerging areas of design and marketing for global clients, such as Quiksilver, Donna Karan-LVMH, Dupont, Philips and Saks Fifth Avenue."

The Goode Life: Carnival of The Green #69 by Arcadia Máximo
"I can't believe how fast time flies, it's my turn already to host this week's Carnival, as we leave last week's wonderful host Green Fertility! Well, make yourselves comfortable and stay a while, there's lots to see here in San Francisco :)!"

Worldchanging: Anil Gupta and the Honey Bee Network
by Sarah Rich. "When we were in Delhi a few weeks ago, we listened to a talk by Professor Anil Gupta, who teaches at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedebad, and founded the Honey Bee Network -- an organization which collects and disseminates traditional knowledge and helps facilitate and spread grassroots innovation throughout India and elsewhere."

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