TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Climate Progress: Excerpt from Hell and High Water’s Conclusion: The End of Politics by Joe Romm. "Global warming will change American life forever and end politics as we know it, probably within your lifetime. How might this play out. In the best case, we immediately start changing how we use energy in order to preserve the health and well-being–the security–of the next fifty generations."

Eco-Chick: Get Your Eco Sexy On! by Starre Vartan
"Too bad I didn’t post this in time for Valentine’s Day! But there’s always Earth Day coming up….Babeland, the women-friendly sex toy store, now has an Eco-Sexy kit, which they describe thusly:"Grist: Trash Course - On landfills vs. incinerators by Umbra Fisk
"Do you actually have a choice? I don't. Our waste is picked up and taken to the Rodentitron Site, where it is gnawed into tiny particles by millions of rats and then repackaged and sold as veggie burgers. I wish it went to the Goats-R-Us Site, but no luck."

The Green Guy: Wind turbine with a view
by Adam Vaughan
"In an age when a big ferris wheel like the London Eye counts as a tourist attraction, why not turn more turbines into tourist destinations? Many are in spectacular landscapes, and you'd dispell myths about turbines into the bargain."

Two Steps Forward: Clean Energy Trends 2007 by Joel Makower
"The clean-technology revolution continues apace, with each week bringing a new and exciting development, it seems. Over the past year, we've seen an explosive growth in new investments in renewable energy and other clean technologies, from venture funds, investment banks, pension funds, governments, and, of course, corporations."