TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


DH Love Life: Live Food by Daryl Hannah
This week Daryl learns about all the benefits of raw food. Raw or live food, as it's also known, has enzymes that help us digest as well as many minerals and vitamins that are usually lost when we cook it. Daryl is shown how to make a raw veggie burger by the healthy peeps at Raw-Volution and how to make nut milk by raw food queen Annie Jubbs.

Eco-Street: Easy Green by Tracy Stokes
"The Intelliplug looks like a standard 3-way adaptor, but behaves very differently indeed. You plug your PC into the "master" socket on the plug, and two peripherals (monitors, printers, speakers, etc) into the "slave" sockets. When you turn off your computer, the plug will automatically power down the peripherals."Evaneco: Carnival of the Green #66 by Don Bosch
"Is it OK to blog about green blog carnivals in a green blog carnival? Oekologie covers environmental issues from a more technical/scientific perspective. You'll expand your knowledge, and find lots of good blogs to add to your rolls."

The Lazy Environmentalist: Green Furniture: Pushing the Design Aesthetic
by Josh Dorfman. "How stylish can eco-friendly products really be? We explore that subject with one of today's leading sustainable design analysts and editors as well as a pair of cutting-edge green furniture designers whose work demonstrates that Good Design and Green Design are mutually attainable." Featuring TH's very own Collin Dunn.

Worldchanging: Interview: Kerry Emanuel, Climate Scientist by David Zaks. "Kerry Emanuel, one of the world's leading authorities on hurricanes, is a professor of tropical meteorology and climate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His book, Divine Wind, delves into the history and science of hurricanes."