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Greener Magazine: Peruvian glacier may vanish in five years
"The fact that the Qori Kalis glacier, high in the Andes Mountains, is only one of many ice tongues retreating on the Quelccaya Ice Cap, the largest body of ice in the tropics, provides strong evidence of the warming that appears to be underway worldwide."

It's Getting Hot in Here: Step It Up Tops 700 Actions! by May Boeve
"Mardi Gras may be a day behind us, but here at the Step It Up campaign headquarters, we're still celebrating. Just today, with 52 days remaining before the April 14 national day of climate action, we've hit 700 actions! Check out our map to see where an action is taking place in your community, and if there isn't one, please sign up"Ivan Enviroman: Small is Beautiful (for me) by Ivan Storck
"I guess I've always had a slight fetish for small things. Small keeps things simple - and possibly sustainable, because a small apartment means less stuff. And less stuff should mean less impact on the environment."

Jen's Green Journal: Carnival of the Green #65 by Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen "I'm very excited to be hosting Carnival of the Green again. The submissions for this Carnival were all excellent and I enjoyed reading the many fascinating posts."

Small Failures: Sustainability for the Rest of Us: Kids Think Green is Gross! by Jessie Jane. "We all know that kids are picky eaters, but it turns out that it may have more to do with marketing than with actual taste. According to an article in the Buffalo News, local schoolchildren there turned up their noses when their name brand yogurt was replaced with an organic brand that actually won in blind taste tests with those very same kids."