TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week

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Enviropundit: Carnival of the Green no.17
This week the Green Building blog brings our attention to worm composting, straw bale houses, green media and McDonalds' Corporate responsibility.

Grist: Caste From the Past by By Matthew Klingle and Joseph E. Taylor III
An investigation into the accusation that the green movement is more concerned about wilderness than human suffering.

Inhabitat: Green Shutter by Evelyn Lee
Landscape Architects have always used trees and plants as a natural way to block sound, and impede the sun and the wind. The Green Shutter designed by Yvew Fidalgo, takes the same concept out of the ground and affixes it to the building.

Sustainablog: Hardcore DIY Sustainability by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg
Vela Creations: The story of Abe and his wife Josie's four-year experiment in building a sustainable life in the West Texas desert.

World Changing: Green Technology - Where the Jobs Are by Joel Makower
Makower tells us that people are drawn to the promise, and the financial (and possibly psychic) benefits, of working to advance clean energy, advanced materials, organic products, locally based business, or any of a number of other opportunities.