TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecorazzi: Pre-Oscar Party and You're Invited by Rebecca Carter
'Global Green USA is holding a, yes that's right, GREEN pre-Oscar party on Wednesday and you're invited! Tickets cost $100 and benefit Global Green's global warming initiatives including the green rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. The event co-chairs include Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Ed Norton, and of course, Leo.'

Inhabitat: Design Your Own Eco Jewelry with Green Karat by Jill Fehrenbacher
'My sweetie recently gave me a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring from GreenKarat, and I love it - knowing that it is not only pretty, but reflects my values and beliefs as well. The sapphire was created in a lab, so I know no forests (or people) in Sri Lanka were harmed in the process, and the platinum is also 100% recycled.'R3 Project: Walking on Cork by Petz Scholtus
"Wicanders, specialists in cork flooring, have a fantastic range of beautiful cork finishes that have nothing to do with the hippy-dotted floorboards from the 80ies."

Savvy Vegetarian: Carnival of The Green 64 by Judy Kingsbury
"At this weeks Carnival we toss the word sustainable around like lettuce; we use 'eco' and 'green' in the same sentence; we're food obsessed environmentalists; climate change is still the buzz; and carlessness is creeping up on us."

The New Scientist: Fred's footprint - Cottoning on to Fairtrade by Fred Pearce
"I went to Agrocel, a group of 500 smallholder cotton farmers in Gujarat in western India Business is booming. They told me M&S; showed up a few weeks before and asked for 6500 tonnes of fair-trade cotton in 2007. That's more than four times their entire annual output. Determined not to become too dependent on one customer, they agreed to sell them 300 tonnes. That's business savvy."

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