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Clay and Wattles: Carnival of The Green #61 by Kevin Kennedy
This week’s Carnival comes from Kevin in Yellowknife, Canada. He’s talking about recyling old tarps, aluminium foil, reusing old windows in the garden, and on a very serious note the detrimental effects of a carbon offsetting project in Africa.

GreenLA Girl: Black Gold and volunteering gone bad by Siel
‘Black Gold was doomed from the start in LA. Sure, it’s a damn good and important film. Sure, it got an excellent review in the LA Times. But after a week, the film got thrown out of a shitty, super unpopular theater in downtown LA.’New Scientist Environment: Frilled shark rises from the deep by Catherine Brahic
Thanks to Siel of Green LA Girl we’ve just found the New Scientist Environment blog. Check out their latest video about a rare frilled shark in Japan. ‘Its kind are sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" because they have evolved very little over millions of years.’

pfsk: Greenwashing by Clownfish
Following the trend of mainstreaming green Piers Fawkes has folded his green blog arm, eco-pfsk, into his main blog, all the posts about the environment and green lifestyle will now hopefully have a bigger audience. This post outlines of the negative effects of Greenwashing on the concerted efforts of real green marketing.

Worldchanging: The Future is Climate Neutral by Alex Steffen and Sarah Rich
‘Creating a climate neutral global economy is now the most pressing item on the international agenda. With the change in composition of our atmosphere has come a change in the reality of our lives few of us have yet grasped.’

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