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Enviroblog: Frog researcher lectures Mayo Clinic docs on widely used weed-killer by Matthew Fried. ‘Doctors at the Mayo Clinic heard a dire warning on the possible link between a widely used weed-killer and cancer. In a forum usually reserved for medical researchers, amphibian endocrinologist Tyrone Hayes of UC Berkeley talked about frogs, but his message was one with direct implications for human medicine.’

Green Thinkers: Enviro Mighty Mouse?
by Nathan
‘According to Macsimum News, Apple has been granted a patent for a hybrid low power computer mouse. Basically, this ‘green’ mouse will use two different mechanisms to track its movement on your desk - an optical tracking sensor and a new feature, an accelerometer.’Grist: Poor Taste by Tom Philpott
‘Why The Economist's recent assault on "ethical food" missed the mark. "There are good reasons to doubt the claims made about three of the most popular varieties of 'ethical food': organic food, fair-trade food, and local food," the journal declared, and proceeded to subject each to withering analysis.’

The Evangelical Ecologist: The Desert Blooms by Don Bosch
‘After 30 years of Saddam’s stalinist rule and nearly four years since he was deposed, a democratic Iraq is making great strides on the environment in its own right, and with the help of the international environmental community.’

Total Tactics: Deep Rubbish
by Gillo Cutrupi
‘2007 at the doors. Greenpeace and Surfrider remind you where you’ve put your 2006 garbage.’

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