TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Club Of Pioneers: Local versus Exotic by Piers Fawkes
'When Tasmania Rain sent us two bottles of their new mineral water to our office we were left puzzled what to do. In one way, we wanted to write about a new company with a twist on something we see everyday. In another way, we wanted to write about what might be happening with our modern wellbeing when consumers felt that they had to ship the purest water in the world more than 10,000 miles to our dirty, hectic city. See also this week's TH Quick Quiz.

Cocolico: Carnival Of The Green # 58
'We checked our calendar, it's already the last week before Christmas, and yet we've got a pre-present from Santa Clauss. Cocolico is welcoming the Carnival of the Green, the weekly marathon of green weblogs. If you just stumble on this event, imagine a giant relay from blog to blog, giving them a weekly tribune to show their activity and attract some insights on various topics related to sustainable development.'Green Girls Global: REACH - New chemical law in EU by Henriette Weber Andersen
'The new chemical law in the EU (called REACH) was approved upon by the european parliaments members. The initial goal was to protect the consumers from dangerous chemicals - BUT it ended up like a "damage control" against the powerful chemical industry.'

Groovy Green: 13 Groovy Days of Joy - Day Seven: Gifts With A Specific Purpose
by Matt Mayer. We're enjoying Groovy Green's 12 days of Christmas (and 1 day of Hanukkah). There's a new article each day related to the Holiday Season and how you can be more green. We've chosen day 7 by Matt Mayer. He says, 'This year I wanted to purchase gifts for the people around me that had some meaning and also encourage them in behavior I respected because it could have an impact on the world around us.'

R3 Project: A White Season with Eco Paint
by Petz Scholtus
'We gave ourselves a white Christmas by painting the flat. Of course we used an ecological paint: Lepano. Lepano Paints are a local (Spanish) product and have an eco range which has been awarded the EU eco label.'