TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco-Worrier: Fancy whacking this guy with the Stern report? by Anna Shepard
‘Click here to hit climate change deniers on the head. This game is addictive and I'm unbelievably bad at it. I keep bashing David Attenborough by mistake. So far, 26 is my top score. I don't believe that Jonathan Porritt got 196 as the Hall of Fame suggests. Has anyone else got anywhere near that? If you're confused, I recommend you try it out for yourself.’

Grist: New Year’s Solutions by Summer Rayne Oakes
‘Read what Summer Rayne Oakes - model, hottie, and eco-advocate - has to say on Grist's behalf, and the cool clothes she wants to give you. There's also a video. And a bike. And a Grand Canyon hike. Oh, the excitement!’Inhabitat: Green Gadget Guide
‘Let’s face it: we live in a gadget culture. And around this time of year, gadget consumption peaks as people head to Best Buy and Sharper Image to pick up shiny new gifts for their friends and families. Since we can’t fight this trend, we thought we’d suggest some cool eco-friendly electronics for your favorite gadget geeks this year.’

Organic Authority: Carnival of the Green # 57 by Laura Klein
This week’s carnival stops at Organic Authority where a rotten Apple, a Super Sponge, Mozzarella, Asian Rice and Water are all in the mix!

The Lazy Environmentalist: Green Investing: Profiting from the Green Business Revolution by Josh Dorfman. Investing our dollars in companies that are building a greener, more eco-friendly future is becoming increasingly attractive. The green business revolution is underway and with more and more publicly traded green stocks and mutual funds it's possible for you to get in on the action and tie your long-term financial security to the planet's long-term sustainability.