TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Green Energy TV: New platform for your videos on renewable energies
Green Energy TV is a recently launched vlog aiming to promote the success stories that are occurring with Green Energy Projects. They want people from all around the world to send in videos of their projects.

Groovy Green: Slow Clothing by Sharon Astyk
‘I think there are a number of really good reasons to find and learn ways to make clothing, to prioritize homemade, or locally made clothing (including learning to find it beautiful), and perhaps to create a "Slow Clothing" movement rather like the "Slow Food" movement currently picking up speed.’The Green Guy: First photos: free London street chargers for electric cars by Adam Vaughn. ‘Cycling to town today I came across this crazy sight: electric cars topping up at kerb-side charging stations. Plonked in Covent Garden, there are a pair of the stations - the first in London outside a car park - which anyone driving a G-Wiz, Vectrix bike or an electric Smart (the EV, out Feb 07) can use to charge up their batteries.’

Urban Eco: The Carnival of the Green #56 by Laura Crawford
‘Thanks for visiting the Carnival of the Green this week (wow! 56 weeks!) We hope you take a few minutes to check out the Urban Eco store for some green shopping ideas too. Enjoy!’

World Changing: Cane and Able
by Cameron Sinclair
‘Founded in 1999 HFH Kyrgyzstan turned a new leaf in 2004 when they introduced a new spin on an old approach to building - Cane Reed Houses. These houses are built using local material using reed mats and clay. The material and construction are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, seismically stable, affordable and fast in erect.’