TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week

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3r Blogging: Introducing the official blog of 3r Living and
3r Blogging will bring you a unique mix of information on the eco-friendly products they sell and experienced commentary on the economic, social and political forces effecting our environment.

Grist: I Will Simply Survive
by Elizabeth Chin
While the wealthy may strive for "simple living," the poor try simply surviving. An examination of the consumer environment at the extreme ends of the wealth scale.

GreenLA Girl: The Starbucks Challenge Update
LA Girl and City Hippy continue their battle to get Starbucks to fulfill it's Fairtrade promise.

World Changing: The Open Future - Spirits in the Material World by Jamais Cascio. Interesting article on Open Source information, inspired by Cameron Sinclair's acceptance speech for the TED Prize last week.

The Naked Vegetarian: Carnival Of The Green no.16
This week's Carnival is dedicated to the Spirit of New Orleans, home of the original "Carnival," Mardi Gras. Featuring: organic farmers, the GE Food Debate, World Bank Bloggers and Miami junk mail.