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Eco Street: Be there in the square by Tracy Stokes
'We all know that climate change is happening, but what is being done to stop it? This coming Saturday, the 4th of November 2006, will see a mass gathering in Trafalgar Square in London to demonstrate to the government that we the people care about climate change.'

EcoTalk: TreeHugger Thursday
Please allow us a little moment for some self love via EcoTalk who are hosting TreeHugger’s new radio show every Thursday. Simran Sethi, known to most of you as the presenter of TreeHuggerTV, is now also lending her dulcet tones to our latest green news format. Listen in.Groovy Green: Carnival Of The Groovy Green by Michael d'Estries
‘This week, we've taken the sites you love and given them the morbid makeover. Sure, it's nothing too frightening, but we had some fun with some text generators and gave most of you a tombstone. We kept the toe tag for Groovy. Happy Halloween!’

Ideal Bite: Fave Green Office Tips by Toshio Meronek
Toshio asks the Ideal Bite team their favourite ways to green their office environment. We like all their suggestions from lots of air filtering plants to printing out itineraries on the back of used envelopes.

The Lazy Environmentalist: Craftsmanship and Design - The New Green Home by Josh Dorfman. ‘Today’s green innovators are applying diverse approaches to create eco-aware products that easily enhance our lifestyles. From flooring to cabinetry and a host of choices in between innovation is making the green choice, the stylish one too.’

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