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CHEC Blog: 90 tips in 90 days

‘The Children's Health Environmental Coalition (CHEC) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public, specifically parents and caregivers, about environmental toxins that affect children's health.’

EcoTravelLogue: The Best Of EcoTravelLogue by Mary Grady
‘For those of you new to our Eco-TravelLogue, here’s a sample of a few of my favorite posts from these last few weeks… the Logue first launched back on September 12, so there is quite a lot here already. It’s tough to pick out just a few favorites, because I get to write about anything I like here, so I like them all!’How To Save The World: Carnival of the Green #50 by Dave Pollard
This week’s carnival includes questions about Biofuel and Hydrogen, Omega-3, Greenwashed coffee, PVC, mad elephants and an environmentally friendly University.

Water Sana: Sustainable design/construction is one of the hottest topics.
‘Sustainable design/construction is one of the hottest topics on the minds of the environmentally conscious. And, as home to the world's "greenest" building, St. Louis might be the hottest of the hot.’

Worldchanging: The Latest Fashion from London: Domestic Wind Turbines by Alana Herro
‘Domestic wind turbines are gaining in popularity in Britain, where some 80,000 homes now use small renewable power generation units to provide energy for residents.’ Also just in case you haven’t seen it, the Worldchanging site is sporting a slick new design and you can read about all its new features here.