TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Grist: EOphilia by David Roberts
'E.O. Wilson chats about his new book on the intersection of science and religion. In 1967, E.O. Wilson coauthored the book that founded island biogeography, a new field of scientific study. He could have retired then with a distinguished record.'

Inhabitat: Wind Shaped Kinetic Pavilion by Evelyn
‘Fusing art, architecture, and renewable energy, California-based Michael Jantzen’s Wind Shaped Pavilion is literally head-turning. The pavilion is a proposal for a large fabric structure that rotates in segments around a central support frame, generating enough electricity as it moves to light the pavilion at night.’Organic Authority: Meet the Salps by Barbara Feiner
‘Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanic Institution (WHOI) in Woodshole, Massachusetts, have been studying transparent jellyfish-like creatures called salps, considered minor players in the ocean food chain. But salps may be more important to the fate of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide than previously thought.’

The Green Guy: Vote on this year's greenest UK festival
by Adam Vaughn
‘It's dark out, and festivals are probably the last thing on your mind. It's worth casting back to the summer, though, as the UK Festival Awards wants your votes in return for giving you the chance to simultaneously win free festival tickets and reward green gig organisers.’

Total Tactics: Carnival of the Green #49
A short a sweet contribution form Total Tactics this week including a post entitled ‘Unusual ways you can sit on trash’. Hmmmmm let's see…