TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecorazzi: Bon Jovi + Bill Clinton + Nun by Rebecca Carter
The strangest eco-activist combo of the week comes from celeb watching Ecorazzi who report on Bill Clinton teaming up with Jon Bon Jovi and a Nun, Sister Mary Scullion, to promote the work of Project H.O.M.E.’ s eco-friendly housing.

Eco-Worrier: Green Tips via Email
by Anna Shepard
Anna lets us know about Friends Of The Earths’ daily email tips which have helped her get greener each day over the last year. You can also check out her post on Conservative Leader David Cameron’s Ecover product placement in his new webcam series. Appealing to the committed green party voters we think!Enviropundit: Carnival of the Green #48 by Jacqui
‘This week's Carnival is your typical mixed-bag of topics, ranging from Mr. T to self-driving cars. Ok, so Mr. T is only a tangent to the main topic of Sludgie's post, but he's (Mr. T, I mean) supposed to be helping the procrastinators... Thought I could use the inspiration! Anyway, enjoy!’

Hip+Zen Pen: Ethical Engagement Rings
by Elisa Camahort
Newly engaged Elisa finds a legitimate reason to use all the ethical wedding sites she’s been praising and goes through the process of looking for an Ethical rock for her finger.

Where Are All The Good Green Products?
by Joel Makower
'It's been more than 16 years since my book, The Green Consumer, was first published in the U.S. That was during the media frenzy of Earth Day 1990, when the world (or at least some of it) reawakened to the environmental challenges we face. We were told there were "50 simple things" we could do to save the earth, and we felt empowered.'