TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


City Hippy: Interview with Allan McKie from River Nene by Vicky Stevens
'I have been talking to Allan McKie who works for the Organic Farm River Nene. So impressed was I by his description of the farms, their customer service and by the fact that they are branching out that I wanted to interview him for City Hippy.'

FiftyRx3: Verdant Magazine by Jill Danyelle
'Verdant is a new magazine that launched online and will be available in print March 2007. A preview issue is currently available for purchase via the magazine website, but excerpts can also be read online. The company has taken steps to reduce it's environmental impact by printing on paper from 30% recycled content and 70% FSC certified sustainably harvested content.'Greener Miami: Carnival of the Green #47 by Rebecca Carter
'Miami itself has a growing blogging community. We recently conducted Miami Cross-Blogination, a day of switcheroo in the local blogosphere. Today, as you read the Carnival, we'll take you on a tour of the sights. Enjoy!'

Grist: Heat and Serve
by Tom Philpott
'If current warming trends continue farmers the world over will face conditions that change rapidly and unpredictably. Some niches will open, as in Greenland; others will close or mutate. As we consider the possibilities, it's worth asking whether modern U.S. agriculture techniques are up to the challenge.'

Groovy Green: 0.1 kWh/day Refrigerator by Steve Balogh
'I guess that this "hack" from a chest freezer to a super-efficient refrigerator has been around for a year or so (2005). This just proves that you have to poke around to find something good, and when you do share it with others.'