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3R Blogging: OPEC to the Rescue? By Mark Caserta
'If you drive a Hummer H2, you have to be upset about yesterday's announcement that OPEC is considering a drop in oil production (which will lead to higher oil and gasoline prices).'

Babs To Brisbane (and Back) by Barbara Haddrill
"My aim is to travel from the UK to Brisbane for one of my best friends' wedding. Plane travel is so environmentally damaging so I am looking for another way. I also think that by travelling over land and sea I will be able to understand our world better as I will connect with the people and landscapes and not just look at the departure board in the airport. Any tips gratefully received!!"Eco Street: Carnival of the Green #46 by Tracy Stokes
Round and round we go! On this week's Carnival Eco Street treats us to some solar solutions, An Inconvenient Truth, corporate bicycling, Yerba Mate and public fruit trees.

Inhabitat: Karen Ryan's Custom Made Furniture by Jill Fehrenbacher
'Karen Ryan debuted her charming "Custom Made" chair collection at 100% Design this year and captured our hearts with these weird, wacky and wonderful hybrid monster chairs made from salvaged furniture bits.'

Triple Pundit: United Airlines Promoting Green Cities
by Nick Aster
"Say what you will about the problems of aircraft emissions, but I was very pleased to find an excellent article on urban forestry in this month's Hemispheres Magazine on United Airlines. The article, entitled "Save the Shade" is one of the best "entry level" articles I've ever read on the subject of urban trees."

TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week
Babs To