TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


DH Love Life: Girlie Green by Daryl Hannah
Daryl gets girlie in The Ultimate Green Room at the Emmy Awards this year. She speaks to producers and users of eco-friendly hair and makeup products, stylish organic clothing and sexy leather free shoes. They explain the dangers of the chemicals present in many of the cosmetics and clothing products we use and the benfits of using natural and organic materials on our bodies.

Eco Chick: Google Gives Some Green by Starre Vartan
'Google is setting up a for-profit philanthropy arm. Called, and begun with seed money of $1 Billion (is that all?) the group has specific aims to fight povery, disease, and global warming'Ecorazzi: Frost Sans Fur by Rebecca Carter
'Sadie Frost, actress, fashion designer, and Jude Law's ex-wife, was recently photographed by singer Bryan Adams for the anti-fur Peta campaign. Frost said: "I don't use fur in my collections. It's disgusting and it reminds me of death and blood. Besides, animal cruelty is always out of fashion."'

Innocent Drinks: Reduce your carbon load
Not ones to be left behind our favourite smoothie company have now started their own blog — hooray! Now we can get more wit and wisdom from those nice fruity people on a more regular basis. Here is a post about the CRed carbon emissions reduction scheme.

Karavans: Carnival Of The Green #45 by Peter Ireland
This week's travelling carnival stops appropriately at the Karavans blog where Peter Ireland highlights green news on The National Solar Tour, Global Warming, Peak Oil, Ethical Business and Renewable Energy.