TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Cocktail Organico: Nature's Gate Perfume by Remy Chevalier
'Lordy! Nothing new here in nearly two months. We needed something really special to bring this blog out of its complacency. Well here it is: the first high profile organic fragrance. That's right folks, organic perfume... Certified Organic Alcohol, and too boot, it smells really nice.'

Freshtopia: Knoll Farms by Tanja Andrews and Oscar Grimm
We're enjoying the vlogs from Freshtopia especially the recent two part series on the bio-diversity at Knoll Farms in California. '"Tairwa" is the name Knolls coined for their produce, from the french word terroir meaning "the essence of place." The essence of this farm is surely its lovingly cultivated soil, which imbues their crops with a uniquely delicious flavor.' Next Billion: Gates, Rockefeller Intend to Re-create Green Revolution for Africa by Rob Katz. Next Billion picks up on the news that the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations will partner to jump-start an African Green Revolution. '$37 million for business development!? That's excellent news. Let's hope Gates and Rockefeller take the time to talk to some success stories in the arena, specifically KickStart and PRIDE Africa.'

The Worsted Witch: Carnival Of The Green 44

'ROLL UP, ROLL UP, ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, for the stupendous, the magnificent, the peerless, the ONE and ONLY Carnival of the Green. What's that, sir? How much does it cost? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Why, it will cost you, dear sir, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That's right, you heard it right here, ladies and gentlemen, keep your shirts on because you will spend exactly ZERO clams nada buckaroos zilch ZIP '

Worldchanging: For The Birds by Emily Gertz
'Artist-engineer Natalie Jeremijenko has a special interest in animals that coexist with humans in the built environment. As part of the ongoing set of projects she is undertaking under the rubric of OOZ -- as in 'zoo' spelled backwards -- she examines the narrow spaces where humans and animals species directly intersect, interact, and possibly find ways to communicate.'