TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week

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Eco Street: Ethical Man by Tracy Stokes
Newsnight rookie Justin Rowlatt has been set the challenge of living an ethical lifestyle over the course of a year. He has a question: what on earth is an "ethical lifestyle"?

Grist: Attack Of The Killer Corn by Tom Philpott
As bad as the annual flood of cheap corn is for our health -- nutritionally worthless high-fructose corn syrup, cheap feed for confined animals pumped full of antibiotics and hormones -- it may be even worse for the environment.

Inhabitat: Andrew Maynard's Protest Structures by Sarah Rich
Few things deter a logger from felling a tree more effectively than a protester clinging fiercely to its trunk. Except maybe a protest structure that clings to three trunks at once.

The Greener Side: Life by Chocolate - Organic Cocoa Comparison Chart
For all you chocaholics out there check this extensive tasting survey to see which organic fair trade chocolate comes out on top.

The Hip and Zen Pen: Carnival Of The Green # 15
We love this week's Carnival for its eclectic and wide ranging outlook including, amongst other things, Starbucks, deodorants, sex toys, nuclear waster disposal and polar bears!

TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week
Grist: Attack Of The Killer