TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ideal Bite: Seriously How Lazy Can We Be? by Jennifer Boulden
'Okay, seriously, how lazy can we be? Why can't we do some very simple "carrot & stick" measures to help move our race out of temporary moments of pure stupidity? For example, all grocery stores should charge for their bags. When Ireland's government imposed a .15 / bag, the use of plastic bags dropped 90%. DUH.'

LA Green Living: Carnival of the Green #43
This week's carnival includes stories about protest activities at Drax power station in the UK, the first LEED-certified residential home in the US, China's Water Crisis, and goes back to the UK to discuss windcrofting, a scheme to install mini-wind turbines in hedgerows and on wasteland.Organic Authority: Swag Goes Green by Laura Klein
One of this year's Emmy "swag" parties stood out from the rest. I'm biased, of course, because this one was held in an eco-living lounge known as The Ultimate Green Room, located at the W Hotel in Westwood Village in L.A. Celeb guests included Daryl Hannah, Andrea Bowen (Desperate Housewives), Kathy Griffin, Sharon Lawrence, Jean Smart and Vanessa Williams, among many other guests.

R3 Project: How to apply Zicla's recycled plastic slate to our bathroom? by Petz Scholtus. This week Petz has a question for you eco-experts out there. Havinng found the perfect recycled tile for her bathroom she is now wondering how best to stick it to the wall. If you have any ideas please comment on her blog.

The Green Guy: Green your flight for £20 with Welsh tree-planting by Adam Vaughan. 'I'm flying to New York for work later in the month so I've been scoping out the carbon offsetting options - including this Treeflights Welsh tree nursery, pictured. As the company's main man Ru points out, it takes ages for trees to grow and remove your CO2 so it doesn't exactly make you 'carbon neutral', but it's better than nowt if you've got to fly.'