TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Ecorazzi: Even More Celebs Trading Up For Conflict-Free Diamonds by Michael d'Estries. 'Meat and diamonds are very similar. Both are desired and enjoyed and both are widely misunderstood in terms of how they're produced, where they come from, and at what expense. Do you think people would feel a little different if they visited a meat factory? How about a diamond mine or the people working in them? It's a tough call to make when 'ignorance is bliss' is the motto of today's modern society.'

People Tree: Bombolulu Workshops, Kenya by Safia Minney
Whilst writing a post on People Tree this week we came across their founder's blog. Safia writes about her trips around the world to see the People Tree projects in action. This week it's Kenya where she is meeting artisans in Mombasa who work in the Bombolulu Workshops making jewellery for People Tree.The Disillusioned Kid: Carnival of the Green #42
The Kid gets graphic with this week's carnival using great images, helpful categories and some entertaining language. "There's a lot of green bloggery out there. The sheer volume of material behooved me to try and force the hugely diverse array of submissions into some kind of structure." Enjoy the ride!

The Ecologist: Everyday Green by Al Tepper
Not only busy looking after City Hippy, Al has also taken on the role of Blog Manager for The Ecologist. He starts with a weekly series on how he tries to Green his life each day. Go for it Al!

The Greener Side: Offsetting Burning Man's eco-impact by Elsa Mary
'If I were heading to Black Rock, I could use the CoolingMan calculator (via SF Chronicle) to help make up for whatever pollution I might cause there. Contrary to what the Chronicle's headline implies, this is by no means the first effort to make Burning Man greener; the festival's environmental commitment starts with its rule that no trace is left when it's all over.'