TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Camden Kiwi: Carnival of the Green #40 by Cathryn Symons
‘Welcome to the Carnival of the Green on Camden Kiwi. This week, we have a pot-pourri of green ideas, issues and news from using solar energy in Alaska, to greywater in London and wind farms in the Western Isles as well as commentary on the environmental consequences of the war in Lebanon and attempts by climate change deniers to get their message across.’

City Hippy: Interview with Donnachadh McCarthy by Al Tepper
This is an excellent interview with the owner of the UK’s first wind powered home, which Bonnie wrote about here and who Al Tepper has canonised as City Hippy's first patron saint: Patron Saint of Urban Off-Gridders! Al chats to Donnachadh, an impressively dedicated environmentalist, about all things green. Grist: My love affair with Bucky Fuller by John McGrath
Buckminster Fuller had a profound effect on my thinking as an environmentalist and as a person generally. Some of his ideas were just downright wacky, but when it comes to sustainability, technological progress, and the relationship of humans to the Earth, I am a devoted Fullerite.

Inhabitat: Interview with Joost Van Brug of Reluct by Jill Fehrenbacher
Another great green interview this week comes from Jill Fehrenbacher who, on her recent trip to the Netherlands, spoke with Joost Van Brug about his design blog Reluct and sustainability in Dutch design. You should also have a look at Emily's posts this week about Sustainability and Interactivityin Dutch Design.

The Big Green Bus: People Are Nice
The Big Green Bus is an old school bus converted to run on veggie oil by a group of students from Dartmouth College. This summer they have been travelling around The States in their Green Bus ‘fostering awareness about current global energy issues and creating dialogue about tangible solutions to those problems.’ You can read about their adventure on the Lonely Planet Green Bus blog which linked from their website.