TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


3r Living: T-Shirts by Mark Caserta
We like the cool designs for the new 3r Living t-shirts designed by Monkeys With Crayons. The ‘Make Brooklyn Greener’ line is printed on white American Apparel tees, comes in all sizes and is available to buy from the 3r Living Café Press online store.

City Hippy: Carnival of the Green #39 by Heston Wundercrantz
Heston Wundercrantz is hosting this week’s carnival in place of Al Tepper. Mr Wundercrantz has created rather a stir on City Hippy of late with his irreverent streams of consciousness; no one is quite sure whether he is real or someone’s alter ego. Well whoever he is he is definitely quite amusing.Ethical Weddings: Bridezilla? by Katie Fewings
We’ve mentioned Katie’s writing on City Hippy before and her company Ethical Weddings. She has now started her own blog about how to organise an ethical wedding and keeping brides and grooms up to date on how to tie the knot in an eco-friendly way.

Inspired Protagonist: Action and Revolution, Change Its Inspired Protagonist, Joseph Kaifala by White Rhino. Inspired Protagonist sent a film crew out to capture their week on the Change It project. They looked for inspired protagonists and found them plenty. You can watch this video of the impressive Joseph Kaifala and his stream of worldly consciousness.

World Changing: Why Sustainability, not Terrorism, Should Be Our Real Security Focus
by Alex Steffen. 'What really threatens us? How do we truly make ourselves safer? The Cato Institute (a conservative thinktank) has released an outstanding paper, A False Sense of Insecurity, which makes the point that in any rational assessment, terrorism is really just not that big of a threat to the average person.'