TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Next Billion: TV Hit Proves Sustainability Will "Win in China" by Derek Newberry. 'One of China's most popular programs right now is a reality-show called "Win in China," a sort of spin-off of the Apprentice model only with minimal shady dealings and fortunately no appearances by Donald Trump… what is really interesting about the program is that it has brought some sustainability issues to the forefront that would not have gotten much attention several years ago.’

R3 Project: Recycling made fun!
by Petz Scholtus
Petz’s eco-flat renovations are coming along well with decisions being made about flooring and this week’s research into recycling systems. ‘Look at this amazing recycling system we found at Eduardo’s house today… that makes recycling easier, more comfortable and takes up very little space.’The Green Guy: Currys in 'high street solar panels' shocker! by Adam Vaughan. ‘Some sunny news from Sharp and Currys: the pair have joined forces to flog solar panels on the high street. Or, more precisely, the streets of Fulham, Croydon and West Thurrock; if you live oop north near the Wrexham factory that makes 'em, you're stuffed for the time being.’

TreeHugger: Carnival of the Green #38 by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg
Yes featuring ourselves in TH Blog Love is a little irregular, but we are so excited that our turn on the Carnival merry-go-round has finally come along that we think it’s ok to shout about it. Our man Jeff, on the frontline, has done a great job with an entertaining Carnival in six easy pieces. Enjoy the ride!

Two Steps Forward: Clean Water and the Tao of Dow by Joel Makower
‘Dow Chemical announced last week that it would develop new technologies and solutions "for creating safer, more sustainable water supplies for communities around the world." Sounds like yet another in a series of old-line polluters committing to a new, greener strategy in the footsteps of GE, Dupont, and BP, right?’