TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco Street: Market Mechanisms for Emissions Trading Full of Holes by Mark Brandon. 'Although better than the Bush plan of doing nothing, the Kyoto Protocol has its share of problems. The European Union in particular has relied on market mechanisms to achieve the goal of holding carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2012.'

FiftyRx3: Armour Sans Anguish by Jill Danyelle
Jill brings us more gorgeous fashionable and ethical threads this week. Though we think she's really come up trumps this time with a new label Armour Sans Anguish. While the label may sound rather serious thankfully the clothes are light and pretty. Myke's Weblog: Carnival of the Green #37
Myke brings us the Carnival this week from "the hot, humid South (Atlanta area)". But the heat clearly isn't affecting his brain since he has intelligently divided up his carnival stalls into catagories: Biodiversity, Energy, Food Production, Green Home, Media, Recyling and Water.

Organic Authority: Keeping Kids Cool
by Barbara Feiner
'Did you know that children lose proportionally more fluids through sweat than adults do? As a parent who embraces organic living, one of your top health priorities this summer is proper hydration, which affects children both physically and mentally.'

World Changing: Hydrogen Powered Scooter
by Sarah Rich
'There must be something in the water in the Netherlands, because innovation seems to emerge there in high concentrations. Today, it's a hydrogen-powered scooter, created as a working prototype by a student at Delft University of Technology.'