TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Green LA Girl: Making Green Friends by Siel
‘Almost everyday, I get a beseeching email from someone who doesn’t live in LA. I’m enviro-conscious, they’ll say, but can’t find anyone around me who’s concerned about these issues. Can you help me? Consider e-social networks that let you hook up with people who live close to you concerned about the same issues.’

Grist: MP3's Company by Umbra Fisk
Umbra is asked this week whether CDs or MP3 players are more environmentally friendly. Outlining the pros and cons Umbra concludes that it is more important to worry, not about what you play your music on, but ‘pressuring manufacturers and governments to require end-of-life take-back plans for electronic products.’Inhabitat: Interview with Paul Kephart of Rana Creek by Sarah Rich
'As far as green roof designers go, you can’t get much more committed or accomplished than the team at Rana Creek. While their name often gets partially eclipsed by the names of their starchitect collaborators, such as William McDonough and Renzo Piano, it’s Rana Creek’s genius that yields such massive marvels as the rooftops of the Gap corporate headquarters and the California Academy of Sciences.'

Powering Down: Carnival Of The Green by Aaron & Keaton Nuline
‘Being a new father and beginning to think about ways to teach my daughter about the Earth and how to live responsibly on it, I thought this would be a good opportunity for her to get involved. There are those that say a four month old is too young to host her first Carnival of the Green, but I say it’s her world we’re talking about and if she thinks she can do it (and she does) then why not?’

Triple Pundit: Landfills - A Source for Gold Mining? by Nick Aster
‘Turns out that a ton of dead computers has more gold in it than 17 tons of ore. As a result, "landfill mining" may start becoming a common practice. I can imagine it being practical for other things besides gold too.’