TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


City Hippy: Blair goes Nuclear by Al Tepper
‘In honour of Tony Blair's grand vision of the UK energy future I have some questions and have emailed them to my MP (a Tory and so not in government) to put to the Blair government. I am sure I will get the usual unintelligible drivel in reply from the Government but will let you know what they cough up in my direction:’

The Ester Republic: Carnival Of The Green by Dierdre Helfferich
This week’s carnival juggles multiculturalism with a French eco-resort, British owls, public transportation in Tibet, and green politics in New Zealand, Canada, and America. We like the Global thinking!The Greener Side: Veganism with legs by Elsa Mary
‘On their low-budget broadcast, this group of veg-obsessed models and actresses mouth kisses llamas and kitchen-dances in threesomes while frying tiny soy sausages. The vixens' brand of dairy-free cheesecake aims to convert men to beat their meat-loving ways.’

The Hip and Zen Pen: The little word-of-mouth machine
by Elisa Camahort
We enjoyed Elisa’s post this week about the power of good green design. It gets everyone’s attention and more importantly it gets them talking too!

The Lazy Environmentalist: Eco-Fashion by Josh Dorfman
Josh Dorfman brings style and sensibility to this week’s radio show. He talks to Linda Loudermilk and Rowan Gabriel about the progressive eco-fashion industry.