TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Eco-Worrier: Suffering for the planet by Anna Shepard
'Last week, when Tory leader David Cameron presented the Ashden Awards, dubbed the Oscars of renewable energy (think vintage frocks and conflict-free diamonds), he assured the audience that looking after the environment does not mean "doom, gloom and sacrifice". Well, I don't like to rain on anyone's green parade, but I am duty-bound to point out that being green is not always pain free.'

Groovy Green: Trade In Your Cell Phone by Michael d'Estries
'Cell phones are cool and all—but most people simply shove them in a drawer—or worse—chuck 'em when they're finished. Well, TerraPass has some up with a unique way of solving this problem by partnering up with RIPMobile.' We're loving Groovy Green's new look - check it out!Hippy Shopper: Stella McCartney Pampering Contest by Gabrielle Taylor
'Stella McCartney's new perfume line, Pampering, is made with no animal testing, no GMOs, and no use of endangered plants. The thing that's likely to interest you most, though, is that Vogue is running a contest whereby you have a chance to win the whole range.'

R3 Project: Sustainable Apartment Renovation by Petz Scholtus
TreeHugger's own Petz Scholtus is the newest kid on the blog block. She has started documenting her mission to renovate her new flat in Barcelona in the most sustainable way possible. From the eco-move to disposing of debris Petz gives us a step by step guide on how to be a treehugging home owner.

The Savvy Vegetarian: Carnival of the Green 32 by Judy Kingsbury
'In this weeks COTG, we've got global warming and climate change, the question of whether the earth might be better off without us, and much more, according to the green meanderings of our many minds.'