TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


A Blog Around The Clock: Carnival of the Green #31 by Coturnix
The Carnival gets off to a kicking start this week with this: ‘Is it sexual repression that's behind the religious right's obsession with gay marriage? Or are they just plain evil? Either way, they are using it to distract us from the far more serious issue of global warming.’ Well that grabbed our attention!

City Hippy: Ethical Football Gear by Al Tepper
Al scores a goal this week with his post tackling the topic of the moment. Everyone is obessed by the World Cup right now, but who’s watching what the players are wearing? As Al says ‘isn't it nice to know you could play the beautiful game without trampling on the freedom of others.’

EcoTalk: Just the tips, man by Betsy Rosenberg
Among other excellent interviews this week we like Wendy Richardson, author of Just the tips man for Protecting the Environment, talking about how to explain environmental issues to children. We also like Wendy’s Blog – check it out kids!Grist: Raise High the Green Beam Carpenter by Auden Schendler
‘The idea of green building has not spread like wildfire. The mass-market building sector is oblivious. Most of the structures in trade magazines like Architectural Digest aren't green.’ Grist asks this week ‘Why is green building still so hard?’

Organic Authority: Lunchboxes for a Cause by Barbara Feiner
'Top Nashville singers, bands, songwriters, fine artists and athletes have teamed with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to raise money for the 28-year-old food distribution center, which feeds impoverished and low-income Americans in an effort to solve community hunger issues.'