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Dee's 'Dotes: Carnival Of The Green #30 by Deanna Taylor
This week’s carnival includes: Natural skin and haircare products, biscuit packaging, a Pet Waste Digester, ethical business and nasal congestion – variety is the spice of life they say!

DH Love Life: Emergency Update on the South Central Farm
by Daryl Hannah. Daryl, John Quigley, Julia Butterfly-Hill and Joan Baez along with hundreds of other people are still protesting at South Central in order to save it from the bulldozers. Today is day 18!

FiftyRx3: J'aime Andrea Crews by Jill Danyelle
‘I was so pleased to find Andrea Crews this weekend. One part Swap-o-rama, one part Imitation of Christ, I have found my French love.’ Very cool images Jill! Marketing Monger: Interview with Graham Hill by Eric Mattson
Our main man Graham chats about Treehugger, his inspiration and background, new efforts with Hugg, how to deal with a virtual organization, the challenges of designing green products and finally his philosophy for dealing with human nature.

Next Billion: Food for Thought - Urban Agriculture in the Developing World by Ethan Arpi. Talking about saving Urban farms, here is an article about how important they are. ‘Urban agriculture, they argue, is already an important tool for both income generation and food security in the developing world. Urban farmers, who are predominantly women, now account for a whopping 800 million people world wide.’

TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week
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