TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Animal Broadcast Network: Carnival of the Green #29
‘Nancy Swift of The Aberdare Institute, Kenya East Africa, hosts this week's carnival. The Institute is located in the Frank Buck Zoological Preserve and dedicated to the welfare of endangered species through its programs of research and education.’

Grist: Eat the Press - An interview with foodie author Michael Pollan by David Roberts. ‘Michael Pollan has built a reputation as a sleuthing agro-journalist. In his writing for The New York Times Magazine and a quartet of books, he's trailed a steer from birth to dinner plate, traced America's obesity epidemic to corn subsidies, and narrowly, fumblingly outwitted a small-town cop who came uncomfortably close to his marijuana patch.’The Green Guy: Howies - Style with a feel-good factor by Ella Rabaiotti
‘The best thing about Howies has gotta be that you don't compromise on style when you buy their brand - their stuff competes easily with other skating brands and big designer jeans companies . The fact that their clobber is environmentally and socially sound is just a bonus.’

The Inspired Protagonist: Treehugger comes to VT! by Gregor Barnum. Treehugger and Seventh Generation get out in to the countryside together for 'an adventure in the far northern hinterlands of Vermont. Come with us as we break free of the office box to journey among giant puppets and contemplate how to move human nature to the next level.'

Two Steps Forward: Energy's 'Three Rs': A Primer by Joel Makower
‘Every once in a while, it's time for a primer - a few basics that help put things in perspective. Despite the dramatic growth of business environmental and sustainability initiatives in recent years, such fundamentals are still important.’