TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


Grist: You Can Count on You by Umbra Fisk
Our favourite Webby winners continue onwards and upwards in their witty way. This week Umbra Fisk puts a positive go get 'em spin on her answer to Peter Kelley's question: What can we do about Global Warming?

Groovy Green: Relocalization - Our Only Solution to Peak Oil by Steve Balogh
Reporting from the PeakoilNYC conference Balogh goes through the highlights and then takes pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard, to make a list of ways he can start to relocalize his life. As he says, "Perhaps it will inspire you to find ways to spend your money locally and reinvest in your neighborhood."

Hippy Shopper: Carnival of the Green #26 by Gabrielle Taylor
'Aloha, fellow ecologists. This week's Carnival is coming to you from Hippy Shopper, where I'm the brand-new editor - and instead of a baptism by fire, we have a baptism by green! Read on for more on the saving the Ribble wetlands and a fat, luscious heap of carnival goodness!'Inhabitat: BKLYN Designs series.
Well this is not just one post but several. Inhabitat writers have done a great series of posts from BKLYN Designs this week; including Aswoon's beautiful plywood furniture, Nicholas Furrow's funky Red Light District Lamps and the new Tetris Shelves — gorgeous all them!

Self Sufficientish TV: Wild food hunt for oyster mushrooms
Last but not least on this week's Blog Love is a vidcast from two very authentic looking treehuggers. They give an entertaining rendition of how to collect oyster mushrooms in the woods. This is followed by going home to make mushroom soup. The visuals are slightly dodgy, but the title music alone is worth the effort!