TH Blog Love — Our Favourite Greens Of The Week


DH Love Life: Daryl Hannah in Rwanda with Silverback Gorillas
In a shameless last ditch attempt to pip Cute Overload at the post in The Webby’s this week we are bringing you a seriously cute vlog. Daryl Hannah (obviously very cute) playing in the Rwandan jungle with magnificent Silverback gorillas and their very cute babies! What’s more there are two episodes – talk about cute overload!

Inspired Protagonist: Meet the Inspired Protagonist by Jeffrey Hollender
The Inspired Protagonist is Seventh Generation's voice, reaching out, to inspire the few who will inspire the many, bringing wealth and well-being to all who live and are about to live (seven generations) on the planet. A forum for dialogue between kindred spirits hell-bent on doing things differently.Next Billion: Getting a Breath of Fresh Air in One of the World's Most Polluted Cities by Derek Newberry. While we’re on the Webby subject why not pop over to the business category while you’re there and vote for our fellow nominee, the excellent Next Billion blog. Oh and then you can go and check out their post on Hybrids in Mexico City.

Spiral Visions: Carnival of the Green #25: May Day Edition
The amazing travelling show full of green delights continues on its journey. The name may change but the eclecticism stays the same. This week’s carnival edition includes compost, hosepipe bans, blankets for the homeless, organic milk and nuclear waste.

The Green Guy: Bamboo skateboard rides into shops by Adam Vaughan
This is a blog by the founder of Hippy Shopper, Adam Vaughn. Being U.K. based means this is a great blog for checking out more Euro centric eco-design. This week we’re digging the bamboo Bahari Skateboard by Lush Longboards.